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Wrenne's is a new, compelling voice.

An "overnight," multiple-year success story, raised in Utah and the Mormon Church, she left for Europe as a 22-year-old on a whim of her imagination with a head full of questions and a heart open to the answers. Arrived in London with a guitar, 300 bucks and a phone number. And then learned and practised her craft.



"I could tell you about the mountains that I grew up next to; the religion that influenced and confused me; the family I love whom I abandoned, or not; my wider creative and core family; my darling daughter; or the fact that the exquisite struggles of life (and death) are at the core of everything I write about."

This bracing honesty is vital to "ISaidYesToEverything," the show and album she has been working on for years. As is that collaborative spirit: the project features a host of musical talent - including John Altman, Craig Armstrong, Gary Clark, Marius de Vries, Idris Elba, The Swingles and many more - supporting Wrenne's unique vision. And now as many talented visual artists are involved in LoEx's development of a one-woman, multimedia, theatrical show, for which the soon released, full-length is the soundtrack,

She's a truth-teller, luck-creator, devoted mother, obsessive runner, survivor, jumper, skilled cake-eater and an undeniable star. And, as she sings in the mantra of Hope, "I am ready."