Barnaby Bright

Becky B: Lead Vocals + Harmonium + Piano + Ukulele
Nathan B: Electronics + Guitar + Vocals + Clarinet + Banjo

Genre: Alt-Americana with a contemporary twist. We call it Electronicana, with shades of The Lumineers, Imogen Heap, Mumfords, Ingrid Michaelson, Civil Wars, Sarah McLachlan, Ward Thomas, Shires...

Photo by Shervin Lainez

Photo by Shervin Lainez

Both classically-trained, the duo has made some cool Americana records, lived in Brooklyn, Nashville and Kansas, toured coast to coast, run out of money, toured Europe, run out of money again, won high-falutin' prizes for songwriting in New York, generally not argued, done benefit shows for prestigious US AAA radio stations, given away 300k+ tracks on Amazon, kept writing, built an audience, been named one of Amazon's Top 100 albums of the year, eaten a helluvalotta vegetarian food, attracted 17k+ listeners a month on Spotify, and made a new record with the help of Pledge and their amazing fans... and came to the heartbreaking realisation it did not sound like them....

So. They've been back to the drawing board and are putting the Actual Finishing Touches to the new new album, "Fight or Fly," which truly speaks to where they've been, who they are, what they love and where they're going. It's authentic, surprising, harmony-driven, with impeccable songwriting, honesty, humour and stories about their journey.  O yeah, somewhere in there they got married, but they'd rather we not harp on that.

LoEx is very proud to be collaborating with Barnaby Bright, co-producing this new music. On the management side, we are working with old friend Marc Ratner of Mishara Music, who is somewhere on the spectrum of mad, statistical genii, though we'd rather you not tell him that.

Look for singles, tours and vocal healing to start in the fall.