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ArchiveX has...

Grown up in New Mexico a few blocks from Walter White · spent several semi-suicidal years in the US Navy · written songs for escape and survival · gotten all f*cked up about music and abandoned it · written for San Francisco tech magazines and websites · lain awake for nights on end wondering how the hell normal people ever sleep · worked as a literary editor and grant writer · occasionally envied old people because they’re almost done with all this bullshit · been entrusted with a kid’s life · rediscovered music through Mahalia Jackson and Thom Yorke · fronted an old-school gospel choir · discovered that chipping away at something is the reward itself · finally learned how to face the music · made a record...

This is that record, by the way. The rest of the stuff is in the Archive. 

Word up from early fans in the US:

HITS Magazine:
"ArchiveX’s blend of pop, rock, gospel & ambient: unearthly…stomping…impossibly gorgeous…pure vocal conjuring” 
Steve Hochman (KPCC/KQED/LATimes):
“Hints of Prince... some 'Exile on Mainstreet'... and a little bit from Queen. With ArchiveX, there are praises to be sung."